My thoughts: should I use Social Networks to market my business?

Choosing the right social network to focus your social marketing efforts on can be a tricky task. Here are my thoughts on how you should consider which network to use and a few of my golden rules.

Within this post I am not going to talk about each social network, but if you would like a follow up post with specific social network information, please leave a comment below.

Why use Social Media Marketing?

The bottom line, is that your customers, and your potential customers are using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest etc. Despite your personal thoughts, if you, or your business is not using Social Networks, then you should be! Remember, this isn’t personal, it’s business….

A question that I am asked frequently is which “social network should I use”, or “should I bother with Twitter/LinkedIn” etc.

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Something Big happened!

Well, my 3 week time frame in which I wanted to get back to you has long since passed, and my ideals of getting this blog started with a bang are off to a shaky start. Nevertheless, here is my big news!

I have been offered something I could not refuse!
My experience of life (a mere 30 years) has showed me that when a great opportunity presents itself, you should jump all over it! And so, although I wasn’t looking to quit the self employed business, when Virginia Hayward Ltd offered me the position of Digital Marketing Manager, after talking things through with my wife and after a lot of careful consideration I accepted the position.

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Something Big is Happening!

Well, I can’t give much away yet! But all I can say is that there are some BIG changes afoot!

If you have come here looking for my SEO & Internet Marketing services, then I am very sorry, but I am no longer offering a freelance service anymore.

All will be revealed in time (within the next 3 weeks). Moving forward, will become my own personal blog site, something which I have wanted to develop and be able to do for a long time now. The blog will be devoted to all aspects of Digital & Internet marketing, my thoughts, tips and experiences.

I have always tried to give the best advice to my clients, and people interested in the industry throughout my career, and hope that this blog will serve as a new channel in which to do that.

If you would like to keep up to date, or would like to be alerted to the new news, and the new site, then please leave a comment and subscribe to this post, and I’ll let you know as soon as I can safely say!

Thanks, and wish me luck!


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